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Using LinkedIn to market yourself to peers and potential employers


by Michael Macfarlane | 22 February 2017

LinkedIn is a powerful tool with many purposes: it is a recruitment tool for HR departments and recruitment agencies, a platform to find jobs and network for professionals, and not least of all, it is a tool for building your own personal brand in your profession.

Whether you are starting out in your career, want to build a better reputation for yourself, or are looking for a new challenge, LinkedIn is an excellent way to build your personal profile and your brand. The following tips will help you improve your visibility and reputation on LinkedIn among your industry peers and potential future employers.

Promote your profile
Do people know that you are on LinkedIn? Include buttons in your email signature, tell your Twitter followers you are there and add your LinkedIn URL on your business card. Wherever you can think of promoting your profile, promote it there. But remember, there is no point in sending people there if you are not using it regularly. Using a friendly URL will also help with this, this could be your name and the sector your work in to make it easier for people to find your profile.

Focus on valuable content
Make sure everything you post is valuable – don’t just focus on selling or promoting your own work. Talk about figures and trends in your industry to generate conversation and show that you are on top of the latest news; especially if you are working in recruitment and want to highlight a specific industry or specialism.

While scheduling content is a great idea, it is important to keep an ear to the ground when it comes to news and developments in your industry. If you see something on Facebook or Twitter that is relevant and valuable to your audience, share it with a comment and ask your network what they think – it takes a matter of seconds.

Publish articles
There are many professionals out there who do not use their LinkedIn profiles to publish articles. Very few people in my network make use of the ‘Publish Articles’ feature, despite it being an ideal way to showcase your professional knowledge. If you are going to publish articles remember to provide value, be interesting and do not just plagiarise someone else's content or idea. It is also essential to be authentic, do your own research and try not to regurgitate content from other posts, this will set you aside from your peers and build help build yourself as a thought leader in your given field. 

It continues to surprise me that people expect their connections to engage with them, when they rarely do the same. If you are publishing articles, take the time once in a while to check out what your network is writing about, and engage with them. Better yet, share their content with the rest of your network if you think it is of value.

These are all simple and effective ways to build your professional profile using LinkedIn. Investing a little time in the platform and focusing on being consistent will make all the difference to you.
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