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Benefits of teambuilding for employee motivation

by Jo Sellick | 15 August 2019

There are lots of benefits for businesses hosting teambuilding events, including increasing morale and building trust among employees. One of the main benefits is employee motivation and how events like this can increase productivity. In this blog, Managing Director Jo Sellick looks at why he thinks hosting teambuilding events like this is important for the business and explains the positive impact it can have on employees.

It is that time of year again when Sellick Partnership comes together for our annual 'Teambuilding' event which will be held on Thursday 9 September 2021 to Saturday 11 September 2021 at Durham University. This annual event is one of my absolute favourites and is highly anticipated by everyone across the business. It is a chance for all of our people to come together and share experiences which I believe is vitally important to ensure morale and productivity remains high all year round. Due to the pandemic we were unable to host any events last year, but with restrictions easing we thought now was a good time to get together again in a safe environment.

Our very first ‘Teambuilding’ event happened in 2005 with just 15 members of staff travelling to Cumbria in the Lake District. It was really important to me to create an event that people would enjoy, where employees across the business regardless of position or seniority can socialise and have the opportunity to catch up with colleagues they wouldn’t normally see day-to-day. Since then we have grown considerably, and this year we will be heading to Durham University.

Despite our growth, and the challenges that comes with arranging an event like this, I still believe it is one of the most important events we put on each year. In previous years we have asked our people to create rock bands, we have competed in our very own ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition, hosted a “bake off” and in 2017 we took all of our employees for a two night break in Majorca to celebrate our 15th anniversary. It is something our people always look forward to and an event I will always insist that we do in some form. I can honestly say that our Teambuilding events have been instrumental in strengthening relationships across our seven offices and have helped us retain many of our long-standing employees.

Here are just some of the reasons why I think hosting teambuilding days like ours are so important to keep morale and productivity high all year round.

Increased productivity: the collaborative nature of a teambuilding event teaches people how to work together more effectively. It allows you to see that everyone has different skills and approaches to a problem. This knowledge is then transferable to the office environment, as individuals understand how to make best use of each other’s abilities.

Develop problem solving skills: because teambuilding exercises usually involve a simulated problem that must be solved, participants can feel like there is less pressure compared to when an issue comes up in the workplace that they need to deal with. They can then find ways to reach a goal despite hurdles, and feel more confident about their ability to do this. The problem solving skills they gain are ones that they can make use of in the corporate setting.

Develop future leaders in your business: teambuilding activities usually requires people to step up and take charge to reach an end goal. These leadership qualities can be invaluable to a business and can help you grow your senior management team. This is an excellent opportunity for you to find out who those people are in your business and decide whether they can utilise those leadership skills within your business.

Increased networking/communication skills: most businesses rely on effective communication and networking to survive, and teambuilding days can be an excellent way of improving these skills amongst your workforce. Create teams of people who do not usually interact on a regular basis. In doing so you will encourage employees to step outside of the box and help them improve their communication and networking skills overall.

Improved company culture: in my opinion this is the most important and valuable benefit. A good company culture will give you the basis to attract and retain the very best employees, and teambuilding activities like ours can really help in boosting the culture within your organisation. A happy workforce is one that is connected and collaborative, and events like this will really help you to reach that goal.

But ‘Teambuilding’ for us is not just about increasing morale or improving productivity, it is also our way of saying thank you to the commitment and hard work of all of our staff. Without a great team of people no business can succeed, and here at Sellick Partnership we have a team that I am immensely proud of. It is important to remember that and to always give credit where credit is due.

For more information on our annual Teambuilding events or what it is like to work for Sellick Partnership, visit the work for us section of our website and browse our internal vacancies. Alternatively you can see more news, resources and insights here.