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Recommend a friend

Recommend a friend

​We really appreciate it when people go out of their way to recommend candidates to us. Our Referral Ladder will reward multiple referrals. If you refer more than one candidate to us within a twelve month period we will increase your reward accordingly. For example, for your first referral you will receive a £100 voucher, for your second a £150 voucher and third a £200 voucher up to a max of £300. 

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Terms and conditions

  • The Sellick Partnership ‘Referral Ladder’ is open and available to individuals who are registered with Sellick Partnership.

  • The referrer is eligible to receive a voucher of their choice – up to the value of £300 – to spend if they refer candidates who are placed by Sellick Partnership in a temporary or permanent position.

  • Each referral made must be previously unknown to Sellick Partnership and be placed within one of our specialist areas to qualify for a referral bonus. If a referred candidate is already known to Sellick Partnership the referral will not be counted.

  • Candidates can only be referred to Sellick Partnership on one occasion. In the event that a candidate is referred to Sellick Partnership more than once, only the first person to refer that candidate will be eligible for a referral gift under this scheme.

  • The referred candidate must be in a temporary or permanent placement for a minimum of four weeks before the referral will be eligible for reward.

  • Referrals must be made within the 12 month period of January to December. After this period all referrers will return to the bottom of the ‘Referral Ladder’ and be able to start accumulating rewards again accordingly. 

  • Upon receipt, the referred candidate will be contacted by Sellick Partnership. Sellick Partnership will contact the referrer if or when we place their referral.

  • Referrers reserve the right to contact Sellick Partnership on occasion to ask about the status of their referral. Sellick Partnership will not pass on any information that may be in breach of data protection, but will be able to advise whether a referral bonus has been awarded.

  • Referral bonuses will be given in £50 increments, starting at £100, to a maximum of £300 in any one calendar year. Any referrals over and above the £300 reward will return to the bottom of the ‘Referral Ladder’ and be able to start accumulating rewards again accordingly. 

  • Referrers can earn up to a maximum of £1,000 in vouchers for referring up to five candidates that are placed by Sellick Partnership in the 12 month period of January to December.

  • The referred person must be notified by the referrer and consent to their details being passed to Sellick Partnership for this scheme before the date of the referral. This is the responsibility of the referrer and is subject to the Data Protection Act 2018 (or more commonly known as GDPR). Please follow this link for more information about how Sellick Partnership process and store personal data: Data Processing Notice.

  • Sellick Partnership will not be liable for any breach of data protection claims in relation to any referrals given to us by the referrer.

  • The referrer agrees that Sellick Partnership is not liable for any loss or claim in relation to the ‘Referral Ladder’ scheme and that the referrer uses the reward vouchers wholly at their own risk.

  • Sellick Partnership employees are not eligible to take part in the 'Referral Ladder’ and will not receive the bonus outlined therein.

  • Sellick Partnership reserves the right to stop this scheme, and any rewards therein at any time without notice.