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Recite Me - accessibility toolbar banner

Sellick Partnership is committed to providing a website that is accessible to a wide audience to ensure an inclusive online experience which enables all of our website visitors to access online content and services barrier-free. Below we have provided a 'how to' user guide on how you can easily access the Recite Me toolbar.

Play audio

Recite Me - play audio

Back: rewind to the previous paragraph of text

Play: click the play button to read the text aloud

Forward: skip forward to the next paragraph of text

Text options

Recite Me - text options

Decrease: this will decrease the text size

Font: you can change the font that displays on the page

Increase: this will increase the text size

Colour, ruler & screen mask

Recite Me - colour, ruler, screen mask

Colour: change the background, text and link colours

Ruler: click to enable the reading ruler

Screen mask: will create a letterbox for focused viewing of a section of the page

Dictionary, translation and magnifier

Recite Me - dictionary, translation and magnifier

Dictionary: highlight and click on this to find the definition of a word

Language: translate text into a different language

Magnifier: click and drag the magnifying glass to magnify text on the screen

Plain text mode, margins and audio download  

Text mode: remove images and view in plain text mode

Recite Me - plain text mode, margins and audio download

Margins: change the text dimensions by narrowing the width of the column

Download audio: highlight the text and click to download text as an audio file


Recite Me - settings

Settings: adjust your Recite Me settings

Reset: this will restore the default settings

User guide: this will give you an overview of the Recite Me toolbar features

Keyboard Shortcuts

Tab - move to the next toolbar button

Shift+Tab - go backwards

Spacebar - to select a button and to change toggles

CTRL+Right - play next element

CTRL+Left - play previous element

CTRL+alt+p - play current element

CTRL+alt+f - show font menu

CTRL+alt+c - show theme menu

CTRL+r - enable/disable ruler

CTRL+d - enable/disable dictionary

CTRL+l - show translation languages

CTRL+x - enable/disable text-only mode

CTRL+m - show page margin settings

CTRL+shift+o - show/disable settings menu

CTRL+s - save settings