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Our EDI Commitments

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at Sellick Partnership

Our inclusion agenda is driven by our employees, led by the Diversity Champions, and empowered by senior management. As a recruitment specialist, we are passionate about inclusivity throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that individuality is respected and embraced, and work proactively to engage with candidates from all backgrounds. As an employer we are equally committed to ensuring our internal processes and culture are inclusive and promote thought leadership and continually strive to drive forward change. To monitor progress and ensure continuous improvement our Diversity Champions maintain a Diversity Charter detailing both our core EDI commitments as a business as well as new initiatives, ongoing projects and gap analysis. You can read more about our core EDI commitments below.

Our core EDI commitments

  • Policy and strategy: effective management of an up-to-date Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement, taking into consideration all nine protected characteristics as part of our inclusion strategy.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Charter: led by the Diversity Champions, tracking and monitoring improvements to our processes and initiatives to increase inclusivity.
  • External partners: seeking external input across communities, to critically review the effectiveness of our initiatives, and ensure that we continually improve and develop.
  • Leading social commentary: adding thought provoking commentary via social media posts and blogs to challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity.
  • Internal reporting: capturing and reporting on internal diversity statistics to provide insight into our own performance and areas for improvement.
  • Diversity statistics: capturing and reporting diversity statistics for our candidates through equal opportunities monitoring to provide insight into our performance and to feed into our client's EDI metrics.
  • Training: providing enhanced diversity and inclusion training annually to all employees focusing on understanding EDI legislation, writing inclusive advertisements, characterless CVs and understanding the impact of unconscious bias in decision making.
  • Recruitment processes: ensuring our attraction and recruitment processes are inclusive, and that we promote our approach to diversity to reflect the communities we operate within.