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Supporting our Candidates

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We are passionate about ensuring candidates have fair access to our recruitment processes. We aim to achieve this by removing barriers, targeting underrepresented groups, and working with candidates to support them through the recruitment process

Action we take to ensure all candidates have access to a fair and inclusive recruitment process:

  • Posting clear advertisements, focusing on the outcomes and skills required rather than the “type of person” required.  

  • The application process is not restrictive, and enables candidates to apply in a range of ways in line with their needs. 

  • Offering training and advice to candidates on job application, CV submission and interviews.

  • Provide detailed information relating to the role, location, remuneration and organisation to ensure candidates are able to make informed decisions and submit their strongest application.

  • Arrange interviews sensitively around family commitments/cultural norms.

  • Ensuring assessments are fair (e.g. allowing dyslexic candidates more time to complete testing) and providing materials in a range of formats to make them as accessible as possible as detailed above.

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