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Our recruitment and attraction methods and processes are continually evolving to ensure we offer an inclusive service and access to diverse talent pools. Our Diversity Champions work with external experts, undertake training via APSCo, and continually review the effectiveness of methods in place. We are always open to new partnerships, continually seek new guidance, and work to challenge the status quo. We build this learning into every recruitment process through annual training and critical reviews of our approach. On an individual basis, we work with clients to support their unique diversity and inclusion commitments, ensuring our recruitment processes dovetail with their targets whilst offering guidance and advice throughout. 

How we can help:

  • During job briefing, consultants focus on the outcomes and skills required for the role, rather than the “type of person” required. Stereotypes are proactively challenged. We gather diversity and accessibility information to enable us to provide an inclusive solution.
  • Adverts are inclusive and accessible, language in job descriptions and adverts is inclusive, and we explicitly state that we are an equal opportunities employer. We consider where our advertisements are posted and use a broad range of media including advertising on diversity job boards such as Diversity Dashboard.

  • Champion the use of characterless CVs during the recruitment process, removing candidate names and identifying features such as educational details, instead focusing on the skills of the person rather than the characteristics. 

  • Ensure interview panels are diverse, assessments are fair and appropriate to the role and we are proactive with accessibility and reasonable adjustments. Work with all parties to ensure that interviews are arranged sensitively around family commitments and cultural norms.

  • Suggesting inclusion of positive action in the recruitment process (e.g. guaranteed interviews for disabled people) and proposing changes to terms/benefits (e.g. part time options, flexible working or reshaping roles/job carving) that may make jobs more attractive to underrepresented groups.

To discuss how we can support you with delivering an inclusive recruitment process, or to find out how we could partner with you on inclusion initiatives, please get in touch.

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