Graduate careers – is recruitment the right career path for you?

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It is that time of year again when students are coming towards the end of their degrees and are starting to think about life after university. Although it is a very exciting time, it can also be quite a confusing time too. Especially for those who are not quite sure what career path to take or what they want to go into.

A recruitment career path can be very rewarding and with the sector continuing to grow, now is the best time to start considering this as an option.

Here are some points that might help you to decide whether working in recruitment is the right career path for you, and some top tips on what it takes to work in this exciting, fast-paced environment.

Recruitment gives you opportunities to work in different industries

Within recruitment there are lots of different sectors you can choose to work in such as Legal,Finance & Accountancy or HR. Choosing a sector that you already have knowledge of can make it a lot easier when going into recruitment, for example, some of our Legal Consultants are non-practising Lawyers. If you have worked or studied in a particular sector before, you will have a better understanding of what clients and candidates are looking for and also the challenges they are facing in the market. Once you have chosen a sector it does not mean that you have to work in that sector for the whole of your career. Recruitment allows you to develop many transferable skills, so it is fairly easy for you to change roles if you decide to move into a different market area for example.

Career development opportunities in recruitment

A recruitment consultant career path is a very exciting to get into but it can also be challenging so you have to be sure that it is suited to you. As with many sales roles, there are highs and lows so perseverance is key. It is important that you have the ambition and drive to want to succeed as a Recruitment Consultant, and there are plenty of opportunities where you can progress quickly and increase your earning potential. At Sellick Partnership we offer a variety of opportunities – all of which are integral to the success of the business. Whether you join as a fresh graduate or as an experienced recruiter there is a career path for you. If you would like to learn more you can visit our dedicated Careers section.

Learn new skills

Recruitment Consultants learn many skills throughout their careers which will benefit you both personally and professionally. This is great if you decide to have a sector change within recruitment or even a career change later down the line. Most of the skills are transferrable such as communication, organisation, negotiation and problem solving and are great to have and include on your CV and will be relevant to most roles.

Be in charge of your own success in recruitment

Being a Recruitment Consultant can be like running your own business. You are in charge of managing your clients and candidates so it is really important you are organised. This means that the more work you put in the more rewards you will get making you in charge of your own success. At Sellick Partnership we offer an uncapped commission structure meaning there is no limit to how much you can make.

Rewarding career with great earning potential and benefits

Recruitment Consultants can be rewarded very well for just doing their job and there are lots of opportunities to earn commission. Recruitment Consultants here at Sellick Partnership all get their base salaries along with commission for positions within our specialist areas: Legal, Finance, HR, Housing & Property Services, Actuarial Procurement and Change & Transformation. We offer an extremely competitive commission structure which is uncapped, meaning there is no limit to the amount of commission that our Recruitment Consultants can make. So more sales means more commission with no limits. We also do not have a billing threshold, as soon as you start billing you start earning commission.

Recruitment Consultants get to help people find their dream role!

Recruitment can be a very rewarding career, not only in terms of remuneration but also in terms of helping other people find their perfect role. Our Recruitment Consultants are responsible for helping candidate’s find their dream job that is right for them. This means helping people progress in their careers, increase their earning potential and often supporting candidates who are considering relocating.

How do I get into recruitment?

If you would like more information on graduate recruitment please feel free to get in touch with me, or visit our careers section.

Alternatively, you can check out our latest internal vacancies here or contact us here