How using digital tools can enhance your career

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By Sellick Partnership

Digital skills have become increasingly important to businesses and as a result are incredibly desirable. These skills are no longer just relevant to those who work in IT, but span across almost every industry as well as numerous areas of our lives.

With digital skills rapidly becoming vital in the workplace, those that have them now will be able to get ahead. Here are just a few ways that can you use digital skills to further your career.

Promoting yourself and building your personal brand

There are a number of digital tools that you can use to promote yourself professionally online. LinkedIn is the most popular and best known professional platform and is a great way of networking and improving your presence in your specialist market. Utilising LinkedIn could greatly enhance your chances of developing yourself and finding your perfect role.

There are also plenty of other platforms that you could use such as Twitter, YouTube or setting up a personal blog each of which can help you to showcase your expertise and to establish yourself as an influencer within your industry. In doing so you will increase your profile which will assist in your development and help you find a new role quickly should you choose to leave.

Finding the best available roles

Finding the right role for you is still a challenge, however it has been made a great deal easier by the numerous online job boards to choose from. Ensuring you are able to use these to the best of your ability is essential. We would advise any job seeker to sign up for job alerts, ensure you are searching the right key words for your industry and check job boards as regularly as you can to give you the best chance of finding the right role for you.

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Teaching yourself new skills

The internet is full of invaluable resources. If you are struggling with a certain aspect of your role, or need some more assistance with a topic relevant to your industry utilise Google and see what tools there may be to help. You can use tools like these to keep up-to-date with your industry, to read advice articles, and to get experience using new software so you will be ready to showcase your skills when the time comes.

Working more efficiently

Efficiency is often the key to success in every industry, so striving to be more efficient should be a top priority for every business professional. Most industries will have some tools available to you to help. Ensure you find out what these are, and gain some insight in how to use them.

Having a healthier work/life balance

Digital transformation has opened up the opportunity of remote working for most industries. Having the ability to access work and deliver projects from anywhere means that it is easier than ever to have a successful career and a healthy work/life balance. Ensure you are aware of this, and work with your employer to ensure you have a work/life balance that is right for you.

Keeping in touch

People regularly say it is not what you know it is who you know that will help you greatly when focusing on your career. Digital tools now make it easier than ever before to keep in touch and ensuring you are always networking with people that may be able to assist you. Try to keep on good terms with previous colleagues, keep in touch with relevant contacts in your industry and ensure you always attend networking events where possible.

Video conferencing as an alternative meeting option

As a recruitment specialist we regularly interview candidates that live too far away to meet face-to-face via video conferencing. The ability to speak in this way is great for widening your job search and will enable you to apply for roles you may not have otherwise considered! Ensuring you are up-to-speed with platforms such as Skype and FaceTime, and if you are having difficulty meeting someone face-to-face suggest video conferencing as an alternative so you do not miss the opportunity.

Digital has undoubtedly transformed the way we work and will continue to do so. Keep with it and make the most of it, because if you do, you will see the results in your career success!

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