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As a responsible recruitment specialist, we are very aware of the communities in which we work and have always been committed to assisting when and where we can. By appointing a formal committee, we have been able to streamline our process and ensure the activities we are involved in have a positive impact across all of our regional offices.

Our Charity Champions are responsible for choosing our companywide and regional charities, organising fundraising activities, contributing to our sustainable development and deciding on what we should be focusing on as a business to ensure we are helping the maximum number of people and causes that we can.

Our community - Laura Hayward

Laura Hayward

"I am incredibly proud to be the Board sponsor of the Charity Champions here at Sellick Partnership. The most rewarding aspect for me is engaging the business in fundraising and charitable initiatives to contribute and make a difference with local and national charities. A crucial element of corporate social responsibility is facilitating employees to engage in the local community; employees want to give back and have the opportunity to do so. Our initiatives are very accessible to allow our employees to contribute in a way that best suits them! For instance bake sales, Easter egg donations, Christmas gifts as well as events like sponsored runs, football and cricket tournaments. As well as supporting national charities, I believe it is so, so important to partner with a local charity! Our Manchester office is partnering with Wood Street Mission this year; this has meant that together we have been able to plan our fundraising events for 2023 and really support their fantastic projects throughout."

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Samantha Hattersley

Samantha Hattersley

"Since joining the business back in May 2018, I have always been inspired by how much Sellick Partnership is involved in the community and the initiatives that are in place to raise as many donations as possible for the chosen charities across each of our offices. I originally joined the business solely working on events and have worked/still work incredibly close with Jo Sellick, Ray Wareing and Nikki Kinsey on three of our highly established sporting tournaments, the MPCL, MPFL and MCFT – which each raise incredible amounts for charities close to our hearts; and that Jo, Ray and Nikki are Board trustees for. As my role progressed, I began to get more and more involved in the charity fundraising for the business and I am now proud to be the lead of our Charity Champions. Giving back to the community has always been a passion of mine, and I’m very lucky to be able to champion this with the rest of the group to encourage and provide the wider business with further opportunity to do so."

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Charity Champions - Jessi Pabla

Jessi Pabla

"Getting involved with charity work in my personal life is really important to me; I volunteer at the PDSA a few times a month and thoroughly enjoy giving my time to give back to the community! As soon as I heard about the Charity Champions at Sellick Partnership, I immediately asked to be part of the group. It’s given me the opportunity to express creativity, get involved with projects and put forward new ideas, which the rest of group support me with. It’s thoroughly rewarding and makes me feel that I’m really making a difference, big or small!"

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Charity Champions - Brogan Connolly

Brogan Connolly

"Growing up, I have always admired my mum for being heavily involved with charity – she volunteers one day per week for a local foundation who take young adults with disabilities/learning difficulties out on day trips and often talks of how rewarding her involvement is and how much of a positive impact that day out has for each member. Donations is what keeps charities like this going and being a part of the Charity Champions means that I can help Sellick Partnership make valuable contributions to both local and national charities working on a range of different causes."

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Charity Champions - Nyari Breslin

Nyari Breslin

"Growing up I myself, along with close family, relied heavily on the charity of others and local organisations such as food banks and shelters, and therefore I always understood personally the importance of charity and is why I joined the Charity Champions. I am so proud to be a part of such a large group of people who share the same ideology and really truly want to help their community. I know what a huge difference just a few small efforts can make."

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Charity Champions - Ellie Turner

Ellie Turner

"As someone who has always supported charities, I was keen to become a Charity Champion at Sellick Partnership to be able to make a difference to those who need it and to be part of a group that shares similar values. It is lovely to see what we can do collectively to make a positive impact! It is great to work for a company that has a charity committee as it allows me to further my charitable support and engage with the local community."

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Charity Champions - Chloe O'Brien

Chloe O'Brien

"One of my main draws to Sellick Partnership was their involvement with charity and working within the community. The sincerity around their fundraising really struck a chord, and this ranges from office to office which really does give a sense of variety for each of our chosen charities. My background in childcare, and a genuine belief that no child should go without, makes being part of the Charity Champions a natural place for me. I will always be available to do what I can for anyone that needs it."

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Diversity Champions - Katherine Busby

Katherine Busby

“I am honoured to be Charity Champion at Sellick Partnership. It is wonderful to see how much we contribute as a business and get involved in the activities that we organise, from bake sales to volunteering opportunities. Having recently volunteered with Wood Street Mission it has really opened my eyes to the results that can be achieved when people come together to make a real difference in our community. I think that it is hugely important to support charities because we can help those who are less fortunate.”

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Our community

Our Community

Since our formation in 2002 we have worked with local and national charities to raise vital funds. We help people find their dream career every day, but also recognise that it is equally as important to help others and support the communities we are a part of. 

Our community
Charities we support

Charities we support

Since first establishing, giving back to the community has always been a priority for us. We work with a range of regional and national charities across the UK, and we encourage all of our staff to get involved as much as possible. 

Charities we support
Sports in the community

Community sports

We actively support the community through a number of sporting initiatives across the UK which include a cricket and a football league, two established football tournaments and a range of fundraising activities organised by our regional offices.

Sports in the community

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