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A new way of working!

by Sellick Partnership | 16 May 2014

The rising costs of childcare are forcing many parents out of work and mums who are returning to work after having their children are finding it more difficult after paying for their childcare - they have little money left and find themselves working for little to no monetary reward.

According to recent research, in almost a quarter of families where both parents worked prior to their children being born, one parent had to give up their salary and a further quarter have had to cut the hours they work for financial reasons.

With childcare and commuting costs forever on the up, parents have to seriously consider whether it's worth both of them working, especially if they have two children to pay childcare for.

A recent move for government to increase tax relief will certainly make a huge difference with many families, also allowing parents to claim for five years and over, ultimately impacting on their decisions regarding work.

It often feels that the system is against working parents; from school opening times, the timing of school events, parent's evenings, to the plays that our children participate in being held in the middle of the day, there can be little consideration for working parents.

Here at Sellick Partnership, our culture pays attention to working parents and is different to other businesses in that every individual is taken into consideration in regards to their personal circumstances.

We have many employees who are working parents and with the new flexible working initiative that has just been introduced, allowing for working hours to be more flexible together with part-time options, it gives the opportunity for a much improved work-life balance, which is so important to a lot of working parents and the demands put on them.

This initiative has been put in place to help parents fit home and work commitments together with more ease.

Children need to be able to see their parents and spend quality time with them. At Sellick Partnership you are given the opportunity to enjoy parenthood but balance it with your professional life. For more information and to see what we can do for you, visit our careers website here or contact us on 0161 834 1642.