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What impact can strong teamwork have?

by Sellick Partnership | 17 June 2014

Team dynamics are an essential part of working life, here we discuss what this can have an impact on and tips to help improve your current dynamics.

The impact of team dynamics

 Team dynamics are an essential part of working life, which can have a big impact on;

  • The profitability of an organisation
  • Whether people enjoy their work
  • Staff retention rates
  • Team and individual performance
  • Company reputation. 

Despite this, they can often be neglected or ignored, resulting in a significant impact on the way a team works. I recently read an article that describes what team dynamics are, what causes problems in team dynamics, and how they can be improved.

Some factors that can affect team dynamics are individual's personalities, their role within the team and wider business, and company culture.

How to improve team dynamics

To improve team dynamics, line managers need to be able to identify any factors causing problems or lack of performance. This can involve discussions with team members as a group, one to one discussions, or simply observing how a team works together in certain situations. When appropriate, it can also be useful to include people outside the team e.g. senior management or directors.

Find yourself in a difficult team environment? Consider the following to help improve your current dynamics;

  • A change of organisational structure, even for a short period of time
  • Moving your office space or having a 'hot desk' day on a regular basis
  • Team meetings that are specifically designed to address specific work or team performance issues
  • Personality workshops that increase awareness of interpersonal dynamics
  • New processes, tools or technology to facilitate better communication.

I am now in my second year in the Liverpool office and I have seen the team grow from three to six people during this time. I feel the team dynamics within the office have not only helped me grow in confidence but also added to my success within the team. Introducing new people into teams always results in a period of change, but I have found myself being able to work consistently throughout these times.

I feel that I have been very fortunate to be apart of the team here and to me the Liverpool office feels the strongest I have known it in terms of  where we now are in the market place - and I think a big part of it has been down to the team and dynamics of the Liverpool office.

If you think that you could contribute to this team environment and thrive in our rapidly expanding company, visit our careers website here.