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Do mothers make better employees?

by Sellick Partnership | 3 July 2014

Having recently had the often difficult conversation with my employer regarding maternity leave, I was enthused to read a number of articles discussing the positives of employing working mums.

Whilst maternity is more commonly perceived to be detrimental to careers, recent discussion seem to suggest that employers are starting to see the benefits. Two of the positive points I read in a recent article for Forbes Woman were:

"Two in five managers believe mothers work faster and can multi-task while a third said mothers are more motivated and responsible.”

"Many employers we speak to prefer to employ working mums as they are more productive and don't come in with hangovers like some younger staff.”

Equally note worthy is the thought that not only is maternity leave now not a hindrance but could even be a help!

In a post on LinkedIn by Rob Norman it suggests the complex issues that are maternity and paternity leave and celebrates the positive impact that childbirth and motherhood can have, not just on a personal but a professional level too.

He comments that this renewed outlook on life can enable foresight and understanding that is crucial to the corporate world; "We all know that female employees, managers and leaders are central to the success of business all over the world. Despite this we have failed for the most part to capture and leverage this most astounding of human experiences for the corporate good.”

So here's hoping that my little life changing event serves to enhance my career and benefits the company as well as me and my family.