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Going the distance...

by Sellick Partnership | 4 July 2014

Last weekend I opted to do some thing worthwhile with my Sunday morning. Rather than a lie in, followed by enjoying a bacon sandwich whilst flicking through the Sunday papers, I embarked on a 5k run to raise money for The Laura Centre - a charity set up to offer specialist bereavement counselling to parents whose child has died and to children/young people who have been bereaved of a parent or significant person.

I have to be honest and admit that I have never really done anything like this before nor had I heard of a colour dash prior to this; it's a charity run around a course, whilst members of the public throw paint at you around the track.

"First thing on a Sunday morning, 5k! Being covered in paint!" were my initial reactions until I was reminded of what running for this charity actually means to the people who need it and how donations can help.

We started the race at 09:30am, everybody together running as one until the fast ones found their way to the front and the rest fell behind - and then even further behind in my case.

1st colour dash point and I am pelted with blue paint (dyed potato starch), 2nd colour dash point it's yellow paint, 3rd green and then pink and then repeat for the 2nd time around the track.

As a petite person (euphemism for shorty!) I am not really built like an athlete.

I do jog sometimes but not far and I usually congratulate myself at the end with a glass of wine thus negating pretty much any fat cells shed. To me, running 5k without stopping on a very hot morning whilst getting paint periodically chucked on me is a huge achievement. Even though the photographer at the end gave me the most patronising good effort (I was number 96 out of about 100) it still felt like an achievement.

An even bigger achievement is raising £250 and counting for this amazing charity, hopefully making a real difference to the lives of families who have and are suffering and need the support and comfort that comes from an understanding ear and human touch.

Sellick Partnership is proud to support several charities and is always looking at how to raise money to help. Our next charity event starts in October when the Midlands office will be hosting our annual charity football match to raise money for organisations in the local area.

As my weekend has proved to me, little things can make a difference so any potential Messi's keen to get a team together and enter are welcome to get in touch with us.

Contact me or my colleagues in the Midlands office on 01332 542580 to discuss getting involved!