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World Cup for Girls

by Sellick Partnership | 15 July 2014

It's that time again where the nation completely divides between Team World Cup vs. "What do you mean they've changed the times for Coronation Street?"

Historically, I have occupied the latter camp - and I don't even like Coronation Street. I just haven't understood the hype and hysteria that comes with the World Cup. Grown people crying over a missed penalty or a foul when in reality it is only a game seems nonsensical when there are so many other things to worry about. 

Then I moved in with a boy and everything changed. I started off resisting this sudden intrusion on my television, weekends and social events, which was met with a barrage of sulking glances and genuine hurt that I didn't care about England's chances. But over the course of this week I have slowly given in - after all, it is only for a month and sometimes it pays to pick your battles (so far I have been enjoying an endless supply of tea rounds, the bins have been taken out and I have been treated to dinner and it's only week 1).

In return, I refrained from gloating about being Italian when Italy won and have actually started to enjoy some of the matches.

There is a lot of cross over between sport and recruitment; in the same way that you are only as good as your last match, in recruitment you are only as good as your last placement and competing with other businesses has its similarities to a sporting competitor - both have to win yet also be gracious in defeat.

The Midlands office are buzzing too, with a sweepstake that everyone has participated in and World Cup themed team initiatives to keep everyone in the spirit.

I started this blog referring to a divide in opinion when actually by changing my approach to this I can see how in actual fact it has the capacity to unite a nation too. 

I have also learnt that Honduras is an actual place and that Adrian Chiles should not wear shorts.