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From Qualified Solicitor to a Career in Recruitment...

by Sellick Partnership | 12 August 2014

I am sure that most of us have experienced that feeling of uncertainty, discomfort or the feeling that something is just not quite right...as a child I was always jealous of people who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up and always wondered why they were gifted with such an inclination.

Like many a family, my parents provided me with an excellent education, sending me to private school and then funding me throughout university and beyond. It was always expected that, like much of the rest of my family, I would graduate as either a Doctor, Lawyer or Accountant and thus my future was very much laid out for me.

Having spent much time and money engaging in a career in law, it came as real discomfort that, as I approached the end of my training contract, I felt that perhaps a career as a Solicitor wasn't entirely the right for me. I trained with a fantastic Legal 500 law firm and gained training that was second to none and made great relationships with colleagues at the firm (who are very much friends for life), but I couldn't shift the feeling that perhaps I was in the wrong profession.

I was lucky that I had a great supportive network around me who were understanding of my situation and keen to see me settled in a career that was more suited to me and my personality.

Having always been intrigued by a career in recruitment, I ventured into what was the unknown and quickly found that the feeling of unease faded. I quickly realised that I had found my niche. It became apparent that my legal training was not a waste but a golden ticket to the career of legal recruitment. I realised that I have invaluable first hand knowledge of how a law firm works, understand the trials and tribulations of the GDL and LPC, know the differences between different legal specialisms and - most importantly - have invaluable market knowledge.

A background in a legal profession is particularly beneficial to recruitment as the skills you ascertain during legal training should not be overlooked including the ability to research, create logical arguments, negotiate and communicate with other Lawyers in a language that they will understand. The best thing about Recruitment for me is that it is great to know that you are really making a difference to peoples' lives.

A career in legal recruitment is certainly not for everyone but for me it was a lifeline and what I am convinced is what was always meant to be.

If you're looking for a career change and are interested in joining the recruitment sector, visit our careers microsite www.sellickpartnership.co.uk-work-for-us to view our current nationwide opportunities.