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The Graduate Job Hunt

by Sellick Partnership | 29 September 2014

It's the time of year that students are returning in their droves to Universities across the country; having graduated myself just two months ago, I am acutely aware of the sudden influx of fresh-faced students in Manchester who are preparing themselves for another year of study (and, let's be honest, Fresher's week). For those who graduated this summer, the end of September marks not the beginning of another year of study, but catalyses the realisation that they are in fact a 'proper adult' now, and that if they don't have that all-important graduate job already, then they need to start looking.

The hunt for a graduate job can seem daunting to those entering the workplace for the first time, but prospects are certainly not as bleak as some publications suggest (The Telegraph has described the current situation as 'toxic' for recent graduates, and states that as many as 142 students are competing for one position). While the market is a competitive one, my experience of finding a position at Sellick Partnership after graduating has been really positive.

I interviewed for a role at Sellick Partnership just an hour after finding out I had achieved my desired 2:1 classification, and the news was just the boost to my confidence I needed before going into the interview. Having previously only held part-time roles alongside my Sixth Form and University studies, the thought of going through the application and interview process for my first 'proper job' was a very intimidating one.

In the end, the advice I had gleaned from my University Careers Centre, my parents, my friends and nearly every website on 'Interview Tips' listed on Google, was entirely correct: fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail. Hardly ground-breaking advice, I know, but the truth is that properly researching the company you're hoping to work for is so important: not only does it give you the chance to get to grips with the company culture, find out more about the role and discover exactly what it is that drives the business, but talking about your findings with your interviewer demonstrates both your own genuine interest in the company, and your ability to be pro-active and work on your own initiative.

While I was lucky enough to stumble across the right opportunity at the right time, for many of this year's graduate cohort the search for an entry level role is still on-going. The graduate market is competitive, but try to remain both optimistic and realistic when it comes to your job search - as Hayley's recent blog highlighted, your first job out of university is unlikely to be your dream role, but a necessary and often exciting  first step on the career ladder.

Have you graduated recently? What has your experience of finding a graduate job been like? To find out more about working at Sellick Partnership visit our microsite and see what vacancies we have on offer at the moment.