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Why use a recruitment business rather than just the internet?

by Hannah Cottam | 10 September 2014

In an age old debate of what is the role of a recruitment business in this highly technological age where candidates have access to a plethora of new career opportunities available on the web, this is a compelling argument;

  • As a candidate, where do you have a range of opportunities available, listed side by side, with interviews well-organised, to enable you to make the right decision in a timely fashion?
  • As a candidate, you  will benefit from on the mark, market advice.  There are jobs aplenty for professional lawyers and accountants, but in this job heavy market, it's not a question of getting a job, it's a question of getting the right job.  Consultants who have their finger on the pulse can provide invaluable advice on pitching yourself at the right opportunity.  The question a candidate should be posing is, 'which recruiter to go for?'.

Having had 15 years experience of leading recruitment teams, and working with leading firms and organisations, I am in a strong position to advise candidates about which way to steer their career and whether and which organisations will help them achieve their goals. 

However, with the recruitment market really picking up, many recruitment consultancies are hiring inexperienced graduates to work with professionals to capitalise on the growing market. These consultants, however bright and fresh they might be, are not experienced in what is a very well established market.  

I am very aware that if I were on the market looking for a new role, I would put trust in a more experienced recruiter, who can empathise with what I need to further my career. Business, sector and market knowledge as well as an understanding of recruitment all qualify our recruitment consultants to assist our candidates. 

As a business, we have a stable staff, with the majority of consultants having been with us for more than 8 years, this is testament to the work that we do for our teams, in terms of supporting professional development and tailoring our business to their needs, allowing flexible working and promoting a work-life balance.

As a client, using a recruitment consultancy seems to be an obvious choice as well, rather than relying on a digital advert.  The advantages for clients and candidates are very similar;

  • Having  a short list of suitable candidates available and pre-screened for your role within a short space of time.
  • Having the advice and assistance from a highly experienced and professional recruitment consultant, who is well versed in managing offers and counter-offers, understanding what kind of candidate is available on the market, and providing up to date salary and market advice
  • Enjoying the benefit of accessing a highly tailored network of candidates, whether actively or passively job seeking, thus accessing a previously unavailable market.

We are market leaders in legal recruitment, and can offer a genuinely straightforward, and upfront approach.  It seems to be an obvious solution to me, & I think the majority of professional lawyers would rather have a similar experience!

For more information on how we do things differently, and the different opportunities we have on offer, please contact Hannah Cottam on  0161 834 1642 to hear about how we can help you!