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LinkedIn photos - what does yours say about you?

by Laura Hayward | 31 October 2014

LinkedIn is an absolutely essential tool if you want to build your own personal brand and profile, and perhaps one of the biggest decisions when creating and maintaining your profile is what picture to select for your profile.

The most important thing is to have a profile picture in place. One website claims that a photo really helps to personalise your profile, as well as making you memorable. Whilst having a good profile is important, it is important to have a photo that the information you have in the main body of your profile can be associated with.

Now that it is agreed that a picture is vital to complete your profile, the biggest question is what is appropriate, and what is not?
Given that I spend considerable time searching on LinkedIn for potential new candidates, I can safely say that I have seen an enormous array of photos, and I am quite surprised at the amount of them that I thin k could be improved.

LinkedIn is not Facebook, therefore please find below some big no no's when considering your profile picture:

•    Holiday snaps - Absolutely most definitely not appropriate to be in swimwear, even if it is your favourite holiday snap
•    Selfies - no, just no 
•    Nights out - do you want potential employers to be seeing you with a drink in hand? What sort of message does that send? 
•    Group photos aren't a good idea as you cannot be singled out

It is likely that if someone is looking at your profile that they may be a future employer, and first impressions certainly count! For me, there is something strange about a photo-less profile, and a photo really helps to remember the person, as well as their background. I do not think that you need to hire a professional to have the right picture, just make sure you are smart, presentable, and remember that first impressions count. A good tip would be to wear an outfit that you would wear to an interview as this will create a positive, professional image.
Just think about your potential employer, and what your picture says about you!
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