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Autumn time...a chance to reflect?

by Sellick Partnership | 11 November 2014

It is that time of year when the leaves are falling, the air is cold and crisp, the clocks have been turned back and love them or hate them the dark evenings are here once again.  
Like every season autumn brings change, after the amazing colours that we view on our landscapes, we then see elements of nature starting to retreat in order to renew and regrow in readiness for the spring.

So what does autumn hold for you?

For me I see this as a good time of year to reflect on what progress I've made both during the year in both my professional and personal life.  I also use this time of year to have an autumn clear out at home and get rid of those things that are no longer of any use to me.

Whilst we may not be able to enjoy the outdoors now as much as during the summer months, dark evenings do present an opportunity to undertake thought and reflection - this might be thinking about what has worked well for you this year, what you have learnt, what you could improve upon, what would you change and whether you would have done something differently. 
You could also use this time of year to gain knowledge whether this be by reading or researching a topic you've always wanted to learn about, or alternatively something that will help you in your career.  In addition, you can also use this time to start thinking about what you would like to achieve next year.  You could begin by simply brainstorming some ideas and see where this takes you.  By reflecting and then setting your goals and knowing what you want to achieve, you will then know exactly where to concentrate your efforts. 

Traditionally people who are unhappy in their current jobs may wait until the New Year to start looking for a new opportunity.  If this is you, then why not start at least considering your options now and be ahead of the game so that when the right opportunity arises you have already put in the groundwork and you are totally focused and ready to go. 

Like the bulbs we put in our gardens ready for the spring, planting the seeds now for your future career will ultimately bring results. 

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