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Covering Letters – do employers read them?

by Michael Bailey | 24 December 2014

When applying to an agency or directly to organisation, it is important to include a covering letter especially when applying on a speculative basis. 

A covering letter will demonstrate your interest in applying for the role, highlight key points about your experience, personality and draw attention to specific parts of your CV. 

As with my previous blog, The science of a good CV I am following the same advice. A recruiter will spend 6 seconds deciding if you are a good fit for the role, make every second count! Your covering letter needs to be to the point, easy to read and be topical - you are 60% more likely to make it past the first stage if you include an engaging cover letter, tailored towards the role you're applying for.

To help you write the perfect cover letter, I have included a brief overview of things to include:

  • Search for the name of who you are writing to and address your cover letter to them. If you are applying from an advert, there is a high possibility the name is in the advert. If not, look at their website or call the company and ask reception
  • Make sure your contact details are on both your covering letter and CV - you would be surprised how many applications I receive on a daily basis with no contact details.
  • Make sure you attach your CV to the e-mail. Again - this may sound obvious but I normally receive at least one application a day with no CV attached.

If you would like any help or advice on writing your cover letter or CV, please contact Michael Bailey on 0113 2439775.