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Excuse me...

by Sellick Partnership | 1 December 2014

Every day we interact with people in all sorts of ways including face to face, by phone, social media and email. These people may be our family, friends, colleagues, clients or indeed people we've never met before.  

I've always been a firm believer that first impressions count in any situation and the way we behave and interact with people gives an indication of what we're like as an individual and about our personality and values. In addition, I think it also demonstrates how we would expect to be treated ourselves.

We're also interacting with people on our commute to work, when we go shopping, visit a restaurant or any other social or work related activity. I'm really noticing that nowadays less and less people seem to know simple courteous words like "excuse me" or "thank you". To give an example of this, every work day morning I go up a few flights of escalators at the train station and every morning at least one person will push past without saying "excuse me" or even "sorry". I understand people can be in a rush or have their minds on other things. However, manners really do cost nothing. They are an essential part of building relationships and are an important quality to have, as is respect and consideration of others.

Have you ever considered who that person sat next to you on the train is, who you are parking your car next to? Or who you may pass in the street? Some of you may have heard about the six degrees of separation theory and how we can all be connected to any person anywhere in the world. Equally, you never know when that person you sit next to on the train or push past in the morning may become a future work colleague, a manager, or indeed a client. Having good manners really can make all the difference in more ways than one.

Do you often come across rude people? Have you ever said anything to them? Or has anyone ever said anything to you? We'd love to hear what you think