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Don't slack on telephone interviews!

by Laura Hayward | 27 January 2015

Within the locum market, it is common practice for candidates to stay away from home during the week. With this being the case and candidates securing roles that are some distance from home, telephone interviews are a popular method of interviewing.

Here are my top 6 tips for being prepared and conducting a telephone interview:

1. It sounds obvious, but make sure you have sufficient signal on your mobile phone. If you can avoid it, even better! Have the call on a landline where it is far more likely that there will be no issues with the line.

2. If the call is on your mobile, again it sounds obvious, but make sure that you are in a quiet place. Train stations, hands free or in the middle of town is not professional and will be a painful experience for the interviewer! If you are out and about, sit in your car.

3. Listen! It is easy to be distracted on the telephone. If you are at home and the children, workmen or dog are around, make sure you have locked yourself away somewhere quiet. Remember to be professional, if you were going face to face you wouldn't have the dog on your lap.

4. Allow adequate time.  We have had candidates not set aside sufficient time for the interview and have to end it prematurely, which unsurprisingly, doesn't often give the best impression. I would say allow 45 minutes to be on the safe side.

5. Have your CV in front of you, make use of the fact that you can!

6. Think about questions beforehand and if necessary, write them down. You should have researched the organisation you are interviewing with, as well as the interviewer; and should be able to show that you have done this. Have a notepad and pen handy to jot down any points you want to come back to later.

If you have a telephone interview coming up and would like some advice on how to prepare, you can call Laura Hayward on 0161 834 1652