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How to make a positive impression in your new job

by Laura Smith | 8 January 2015

As excited as you can be at the prospect of starting a new job, it can still be hard to keep your nerves at bay when it comes to thinking about making a good impression in your first few days and weeks.

It is so important to make that good first impression as this will often turn into long term perceptions and reputations. For those who make a positive first impression, great! However, for those who make a negative impression, this is not such good news.

Employers should recognise that there is a learning curve in any new job and thus should not expect any new employee to completely blow their socks off on their first day. However, prior to starting a new position, it may be worth taking a moment to think about how you can make the best first impression possible, as this can make a major impact on your future success within an organisation.
Below are ten helpful tips to assist in helping make those first few days and weeks at work go well.

  • Keep a positive attitude - your colleagues will pick up on your enthusiasm, which will help create a great first impression.
  • Dress professionally/appropriately - nothing makes a bigger first impression than your appearance on your first day; make sure you have dressed appropriately.
  • Maintain a good attendance record
  • Work full hours - if you have joined an organisation where your colleagues start and finish a little later than their contracted hours, then it may be worth to do the same; you will appear flexible and dedicated to your new position.
  • Use your initiative - If you have finished one task, ask what you can do next rather than wait, this will show a great attitude to your work.
  • Join in with team activities - this is a great way to meet and get to know your colleagues and build positive working relationships.
  • Try to remember the names of your colleagues - although sometimes tricky if you are working in a large organisation, this will definitely assist in making a good first impression. If you are unsure of someone's name, then ask!
  • Avoid office gossip - All workplaces are full of office politics and gossip; if you want to maintain a positive first impression, it is always a good idea to stay out of these, at least for the first few months.
  • Ask for help if you need it - it is all too easy in a new job to not want to ask for help as you do not want to appear clueless, however you are not expected to know everything and there is nothing wrong with asking for help, when you need it.
  • Learn about your new employer - in those spare moments, it is always a good idea to have a look on the organisation's intranet or social media pages to make sure you are up to date with the organisation.

What do you think? Any other tips for nailing the first week? If you're ready for a new challenge, why not speak to me today on 0161 834 1642.