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New Year's Resolutions

by Sellick Partnership | 12 January 2015

"You will start a New Year the same way in wish you finished the last!” Something I remember being told by a friend of mine a few years ago….well, if that's anything to go by then I'll be spending mine this year with my closest friends.

Personally I've never been the biggest fan of New Year's Eve in any other sense than an excuse to 'let my hair down' with my nearest and dearest, and nor have I been a setter of New Year's Resolutions.
However, after what has been a year filled with highs and lows I find myself reflecting on 2014 and looking at all the positive things that have happened; firstly I started with Sellick Partnership in January, I passed my first year at College and got a new car, to name but a few!!

After having achieved a lot of things I'm proud of in 2014, I'm now thinking about 2015 and setting myself some New Year's resolutions. On a personal level I want to complete my second year at College with another Distinction. I've recently re-joined the gym and have been attending regularly and my goal is to increase my fitness enough to be able to take part in a fund raising fitness related event to raise money for charities/illnesses close to my heart.

In a professional capacity I want to continue to improve on my market knowledge, hit my targets continuously and with our new personal development plans taking place in early 2015, really think about my future and my year, 3 year and 5 year plan.

All in all, the older I get the more the years seem to fly by so my biggest resolution is to take a breath, slow down and really enjoy those important moments.

Have you thought about your New Year's resolutions, and where you want to be in a years' time? Contact me now to discuss your goals and relevant opportunities open to you in the New Year on 01332 542580.