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Staying motivated to achieve success…

by Nikki Kinsey | 30 January 2015

Still feeling deflated from your latest job rejection? 

Constant rejection, disappointments and hearing "unfortunately you have been unsuccessful” is deflating. 

To help me with this blog, I spoke with a number of my trusted candidates to get their view points on how they have felt and what it did to their confidence when they were rejected from a role. 

Naturally the first pattern, which become obvious to me, was that their level of deflation depended on how much they actually wanted the job in question. 

The second was that that these blows to their self-confidence took time to heal, some even said that they are still struggling to get past the feeling of rejection, which is negatively affecting their current employment situation even now, some months later. 

Rejection may make you feel fearful and therefore unwilling to take risks, which could stop you from applying for the next job opportunity that looks of interest.  

As a senior recruiter, I always advise my candidates on the importance of discovering what went wrong and more importantly, how to avoid it next time to achieve the success that they want; not to mention the importance of staying motivated, persistent and tenacious. 

The majority of people would love to experience more success in their lives, from our relationships to our careers and finances; even our health and fitness.  

Shawn Anderson, who is an author of six books, a keynote speaker and a motivational success coach, says that "rejection is part of successes weeding-out game and that no one is exempt from failure and hearing no". He also says that "someone who rarely hears no, may not be setting their ambitions very high".

In order to stay motivated, most people need to challenge themselves sufficiently, so for some there is the risk of being disappointed in life because their goals lack challenge, but for most who struggle with rejection, it's because their ability "to weather the rejection storm" is not strong enough.

The following tips should help keep your motivation high. Take those necessary risks and achieve the success you desire: 

1.    Be tenacious - have an unstoppable purpose and know the end game
2.    Find the silver lining to this storm cloud - the most prominent positive outcome is strength
3.    Stop making excuses - use disappointments to make improvements
4.    Pat yourself on the back for having the confidence to try
5.    Take more chances - make opportunities rather than waiting for them to come to you
6.    Always go the extra mile - every day

If you would like more advice on how to keep motivated and achieve success, please contact Nikki Graham on 01332 542580.