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Technology Matters

by Sellick Partnership | 13 January 2015

The world is better connected than it has ever been, where people are able to see and speak with loved ones on the other side of the planet in live time. With a plethora of apps and gadgets to entertain ourselves and stay connected on a personal basis, it was inevitable that companies adapted the same way to say in touch with clients and customers and boost sales and relationships.

Traditionally, newspapers or adverts in windows were used to attract people to new jobs, it's fair to say that the world of technology has dramatically changed this. A full page job advert in a newspaper in the 90's would have cost thousands of pounds per advert, with the use of job boards it costs a lot less to promote  jobs online. The process now is also much quicker, so recruitment agencies can now have their adverts on five different job boards at the click of a button. 

Social Media is an area which has the ability to run marketing campaigns and with creative ideas can boost sale dramatically. Trending on Twitter can lead to increased publicity i.e. O2's successful hashtag of "#BeMoreDog” which has daily updates to it. Hashtags are now used on other apps such as Instagram which is visible on Facebook, so a catchy tag line made into a hashtag means it can effect several social media sites in one upload.

Sellick Partnership uses Twitter to add a more personal service to our clients, connecting with a wider group of people, we share pictures to share our event sponsorship, advertise urgent jobs and have contact with a large group of people in an easier way, thus saving time. 
Use of social media keeps us current and ahead of the competition, we are able to judge our success on how many followers we have at any given time compared to months or years before. 

Sellick Partnership also use LinkedIn as a way of proactively finding specialist candidates, finding out information on changing hiring managers and promoting  our jobs. By developing a company and personal profile we increase our relationships with people we speak to regularly and it is one way of putting a face to a name.  

In a time when mobile phones are replacing home phones and literally everyone has one in their pocket. Text messages to push sales and discounts are another way that technology can reach a certain target market. An excellent example of this is that the Body Shop use a points card and you supply your mobile number which they then text with 24 hours' notice to save up to 40%. e-mails can easily be deleted or ignored when in a rush, but text messages are direct to our phones and seem more personable and get to us quicker, we are also less likely to ignore a text. 
Sellick Partnership often use texts on urgent jobs, we understand it is difficult to leave a room if bosses are present and we are often able to get vital information or arrange a time to call via text message. 

It is also obvious that company websites are a good use of technology, these have replaced directory books like "The Yellow Pages” so not only is it more economically friendly, it is easier to google search the company than spend a lot longer searching long index  lists to find who and what you required. When Jo Sellick first stepped into the world of recruitment this is the way things were done 1994/5. Those recruiters new to game don't realise just how lucky they have it! Company websites provide a hub of information and with the introduction of mobile websites and smart phones it now means that commuters can search for new jobs while on the bus, making it easier for them to find their next dream job. 

What will the future hold for the way we communicate and way we make our businesses more productive? Only time will tell. We'd love to hear your thoughts? Why not follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn and keep up to date with all that's going on...