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Make your application count

by Sellick Partnership | 10 February 2015

This time of year can see an upturn in the number of candidates actively seeking new roles. If you have decided that 2015 is the year when you want to change your job and are actively looking for a new opportunity, it is important to ensure that you are someone who will stand out amongst the competition. This includes making sure that your job applications are relevant and that they highlight your appropriate skills and experience. 

Any well written job advert and job description should provide you with details of the position including the essentials and desirables of what the organisation is looking for and what is required to do the job. I often hear people saying that they apply for lots of different types of roles and never hear anything back.  

This leads me to think 'are they considering each application individually or simply firing off the same CV to a variety of different roles in the hope that they hear something back?'. 

Taking a scattergun approach, hoping for the best and applying for lots of roles for which you have no relevant experience or you have not carefully thought about will not be productive and only leave you frustrated.

It is vital to make sure you read any job adverts and job descriptions carefully and consider why you are suitable for the role before submitting an application. A well considered and well prepared job application can give a good first impression to any prospective employer. It is the first step in selling yourself as a potential new employee and can underline that which sets you apart from other candidates.

Having a general CV which details your key skills and experience will give you a good base from which to work, however do ensure that you tailor and adapt this for each application. You may need to expand on or add in a particular area of expertise for a specific role and make sure you have covered as many of the essentials required for the role that you are applying for.   

If you don't have all the essentials, emphasise the ones that you do have, including your achievements, as well as any desirables of the role and any transferrable skills you can offer and why you feel they will add value. You may even want to make an initial enquiry to the organisation before completing your application, as this can provide you with any additional information which can prove useful.  

Before submitting your application, always review it carefully and check the layout, spelling, grammar and punctuation as this also counts towards that all important first impression.

Considering each of your job applications on an individual basis may take you some time, however as with anything, preparation really is key and in the long term it will prove more productive for you. 

How do you make your applications stand out from the crowd? Let us know in the comments box below