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Selling Yourself

by Rayhaneh Tehrani | 12 March 2015

Selling is a big part of my job; selling myself to potential clients and selling the right candidates for current jobs I am recruiting for. Having worked for Sellick Partnership for over a year has shown me a spectrum of techniques to "sell” and this doesn't necessarily mean I have to be pushy - it has also taught me to be a good listener.

Every candidate I work with at Sellick Partnership must also know the importance of how to sell themselves. Sadly, most job-seekers don't know how to sell their experience and qualities in interviews. Many people still fall at this final hurdle - slipping up on questions, getting nervous or forgetting valuable research about the company they are interviewing with.

Others are led to believe it's about droning on about your experience for a full hour. However, a job seeker's sell is very complex; getting the balance between carefully selling your skill set and listening to the type of person the interviewer is after can be difficult.

If you are going to an interview through Sellick Partnership, we will have taken the time to speak with the client and match your skillset to their requirements. Carefully taking the time to speak with candidates, we can tailor CV's to the job specification given the conversation with our client and the speciality skills they may be looking.

After sending your CV off, we can speak with clients regarding feedback and can at this stage further your application if our client has any reservations which can be addressed. It is sometimes frustrating at the CV send stage as online applications often miss out candidates' main strengths. Not only matching skill sets but also cultural fit within a company is important; as an agency we know the businesses we recruit for well and this can be the difference between securing the right position for your personal development.

After securing candidates an interview with our clients, this is where we as an agency excel in consulting and advising both parties. Many bigger and established businesses may already have a process in place which we can inform candidates of whereas smaller businesses may ask the best way to interview. Being in contact with our clients every step of the process ensures that we are aware of their personality and often able to pre-judge what type of characters suit their  working environment.

All of these factors are part of the application and interview process, often candidates who move from a permanent opportunity are not aware of the rigours processes in place often including examinations.

Be CV and interview savvy to guarantee you secure that new job in 2015 by calling me today on 0191 261 8585 to get valuable interview hints and tips.