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New to the UK? Tips on finding work overseas!

by Sellick Partnership | 15 April 2015

Working abroad is both an exciting and challenging venture - from navigating a new city, to understanding a new social and work culture… there's lots to get to grips with! 

Trying to find a job abroad may seem a little daunting at first, but with planning, research and advice you'll feel much more confident in your job search endeavours. Having recently made the move from Sydney to Manchester (although for the record, I'm a Kiwi!) this is something I have experienced first-hand - here are some top tips on preparing for your job search in the UK and beyond. 

Do your visa research: It's highly likely that you'll need a visa to work overseas, so do your research on which one is right for you. From the working holiday to the highly skilled migrant visa, there should be a visa that fits your needs and current situation. Often there's a long lead time on visa processing, where you'll need to submit and relinquish your passport for a period of time, so plan accordingly! Look at the UK's Home Office website to find out more about visa requirements relative to your home country.

Analyse the market: Before you jump into your job search, take some time to get an insight into the market and employment opportunities in your sector. Sellick Partnership's Salary & Market Guide 2014 is an excellent resource that outlines current market trends in the Finance & Accountancy sector across the UK (you can request this from us here). Be sure to get acquainted with job boards, recruitment firms and industry publications. Sign up to job alert newsletters, register your CV on job websites and start scoping the types of jobs available in your field. The better your knowledge of the market, the better you are able to target your job search and increase your chance of success.

Anticipate that good things takes time: Looking for a new job in your field normally takes between three to six months, so it may pay to think about taking on temporary work while you're looking for your next role. This is what I did upon my arrival in the UK. I worked in the public sector for four months, which provided a great opportunity to get acquainted with the city, establish a social network and of course, pay the bills!

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date: The internet knows no geographical boundaries, so it makes sense that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and working for you before you leave home. Request recommendations from previous colleagues, make sure your profile is complete and ensure you've included all keywords that pertain to your skills and experience. It does pay to include a note about when you're available to work, and your visa requirements/restrictions if necessary. Check out Sellick Partnership's LinkedIn Guide for more information on getting the most from the professional networking platform.

Avoid culture shock: Do some research to gauge whether there is a different process in two countries - for example, in Australia it's normal to refer to a 'CV', whereas in the USA 'resume' is the common term. Look into work and lifestyle differences too - average working hours and public holidays differ from country to country and are worth checking to make sure you don't encounter any nasty surprises!

One area you're bound to experience some culture shock is when it comes to food - something I've proudly overcome! Though pavlova, (rain-free) BBQs, and Tim Tams are no longer on the menu I'm becoming accustomed to British delights such as Tea Cakes, Yorkshire Pudding and Cornish Pasties - and I'm certainly not complaining!

Have you recently arrived in the UK and looking for a job in Legal or Finance? Why not contact one of our expert consultants at Sellick Partnership today on 0161 832 162. 

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