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Are you aware of your personal branding?

by Sellick Partnership | 24 July 2015

As a recruitment consultant with nine years of experience, I have come across an unimaginable amount of irrelevant CVs and never has this been more true than during my time with Sellick Partnership. I accept that part of our job is to sift through CVs and more often than not we find absolute gems of candidates, however, it does surprise me the amount of people who apply for jobs which are so far away from their skill set and it appears they've not read the job title, let alone the body of our adverts. 

I appreciate people have to start somewhere and as a student fresh from university, I know I applied for roles which were more specialist than my experience offered by I certainly wasn't applying for £250 per day roles as a graduate. This makes me wonder whether this is a reflection of a competitive market or a seriously confident workforce who are eager to find work? 

Either way, it's so important to think about your "personal branding” and how people perceive you on the market. If I receive a CV from someone who clearly has an interest in Finance, has completed a degree, is academic or has gained a bit of hands on work experience then I'm more than happy to register them in order to help them find work or give them advice on the market. However, if that person applies for every single job my colleagues and I have on, then this doesn't say to me "Wow, this person is amazing” - it says to me (rightly or wrongly) that this person has a lack of attention to detail, are potentially desperate for any job and are unclear about their strengths on the job market and which direction to go in. By applying for jobs that are totally unsuitable, sometimes on a daily basis, this can give us a bad impression of that person and clients who receive these CVs directly will be thinking the same. 

Being a recruitment consultant is more than just placing a specific candidate into a specific job, we have to be creative and look at more than someone's skills but look at personality and culture fit too so skills aren't everything but if the first impression isn't a good one then sometimes it can be hard to recover. I'm not saying don't be ambitious or don't back yourself, I'm just saying, be aware of the market and your reputation as in reality, it's a small world and if you tarnish your name at an early stage then this could affect your chance of securing your perfect job! Just think, if a client had a bad reputation which you kept hearing about through friends or they kept messing you around with regards to a job - would you want to work with them? I'm not sure I would.

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