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Does social media help or hinder your job search?

by Adam Rouse | 31 July 2015

Social media can play such a vital role when searching forpositions, but have you ever thought about how a perspective employer usessocial media and how its contents could be the deciding factor as to whetheryou are successful or not?

Who doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter page these days andtherefore why wouldn't every employer choose to find out a bit more about acandidate?

Therefore, keeping your profiles detailed and up-to-date iscrucial, networking and positioning yourself as an industry expert acrosssocial platforms is also important. Whilst holding back on work related details is wise, keeping quiet andnot getting involved in group conversations can hinder your chances of beingoffered a job. Employers may perceive this as a lack of industry knowledge oran unwillingness to contribute to discussions.

Join in conversations within industry specific social groupson Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to help you put your name out there amongstpeers and fellow professionals. You may also learn something that could assistyou when interviewing.

When you are reviewing your CV updating your Facebook or Twitter most likely doesn't go hand in hand but I think that there are strongarguments to say that it should do.  Yoursocial media should complement your CV and allow an employer to see what agreat candidate you would be and how you may fit in with the culture of theorganisation.

Candidates sometimes make questionable choices when it comesto using social networks. Posting party photos, questionable language, orsimply sharing inappropriate behaviour which may seem harmless at the time, butthey also say a lot about a potential hire's character. What a person doesonline, even if it seems innocent enough, can come back to harm him or her whenit's time to look for a job. Businesses can and do check online reputations.

There are certain questions hiring agents aren't allowed toask during interviews, especially if they're of a personal nature. A socialmedia search offers a peek into a candidate's life. So even if the interviewercan't ask questions about personal activities and beliefs, they can look onsocial media.

Before you apply for any more vacancies check your socialmedia to ensure it is what you would want a perspective employer seeing. Put your professional eyes on and be criticalbased on what they could see.

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