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Form is temporary, class is permanent – but stay humble!

by Ray Wareing | 28 July 2015

As a keen follower of the England cricket team, I may rue the following words by the end of the summer. A couple of weekends ago, I spent the Saturday in Cardiff to watch the first Ashes test with my 'bessie mates'. Great day, great result and always nice to annihilate the Aussies! 

Whilst celebrating appropriately (and of course sensibly), we discussed the prospects of the England team for the rest of the 5 match series following our surprisingly easy win. The conclusion was the Aussies will be back and the phrase 'form is temporary but class is permanent' was used at least twice! One week on at Lord's, England get demolished and suddenly it's 1-1 in the series and let's be honest those classy Aussies will realistically win the series with maybe 3-1 (with one of the tests falling to the weather?).Alistair Cook, the England captain said after the first victory that we are 'still not favourites' and certainly kept his feet humbly on the ground - wise move. 

This works two ways in my view, especially in the sales or recruitment field. If you look at the longer game, there will inevitably be peaks and troughs and good people will always come through and battle through leaner or relatively unsuccessful times. 
(like those Aussie batsmen). Those successful times will return if you continue to do those basics, maintain your positive attitude, keep sharing ideas, be a team player and don't look at your own situation and go into your shell. 

I find that the best salespeople, who find themselves in tougher times, stick to these principles naturally and they are the ones who don't brag/ publicise successes and achievements when they are 'riding the wave'. People like this realise that form (whether good or bad) is temporary and so they are consistent in their approach and remain humble. 

England thankfully didn't brag after that first test, the Aussies didn't get too down and said the right things, taking a longer view on things and keeping their feet firmly on the ground.