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Continued learning...

by Sellick Partnership | 4 August 2015

In my blog, Age and Optimism, from last year I mentioned that I was just about to start another part time college course. The nine months have flown by in the blink of an eye- I have just finished my final assessment and have therefore completed the course! 

I started the course in September, attending the opening evening with seven of the other girls I had completed the previous year with. This time was different from the year before, feeling decidedly less nervous about what the next nine months would entail, who the tutors were and whether I'd get on with everyone on my course. We were introduced to our two tutors and was relieved to know I'd met them both the year before and both had a sound understanding of the course in hand. We were then introduced to the additional students in our group of which there were another five - I felt less daunted about the prospect of meeting new people with the support of the seven other girls I already knew and had a bond with. 

Our course was to be two evenings a week - Monday's and Wednesday's and each tutor would take an evening with one being theory focussed and the other being practical. We started to power through our learning and were soon being booked in for our theory exams - and just after Christmas had completed all our theory exams which then allowed for 100% practical sessions and assessments. Six months down the line and all my practical's are now all done and graded! 

The last few days I've found myself reflecting on the course and how I could have improved or done better, or even learnt more - it's highlighted for me my own learning style and my downfalls when studying. I'm looking forward to getting back to normal and having some free time again, especially in the summer months, I'm welcoming the opportunity to socialise with friends in the evening! 
I have however started thinking about my next step - what can I do next? I want to continue to further my personal development and learn more. I have found that continued study encourages motivation and determination and that can only be a good thing!! 

Resourcing for Accountancy and Finance, I am constantly speaking with candidates who are either actively studying or qualified - where are you up to with study? Have you thought about your next step within personal development? Maybe you're looking for a role that encourages that? Contact me now to discuss on 01332 542580.