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Highlighting your soft skills

by Sellick Partnership | 11 August 2015

This time of year sees many graduates who have finished university looking for their first roles after completing education as well as A Level students who may be preparing to go to university in the autumn and are looking for a job over the summer or a part time role whilst studying.

I recently helped my friend's daughter put together her first formal CV as she is keen to secure a part time job when she heads off to university in September. At first, she didn't think she had very much to include on her CV apart from her qualifications to date and her interests and she was really struggling to know what to include and how she could best sell herself to a future employer. We had a brainstorm of everything she had done at school as well as other things she had been involved in outside of school together with her hobbies and interests.

Whilst she hadn't undertaken any paid employment, she had done many other things which were definitely beneficial for her to include as she has a lot to offer a potential employer in terms of her soft skills. Soft skills are personal qualities and attitudes that are transferrable and can be used in different types of roles as well as helping you make a positive contribution to an organisation.  My friend's daughter has undertaken unpaid work placements over a couple of summers and has also done some voluntary work for a number of charities which involved  engaging with people at all levels in addition to raising funds for the various charities. One of her main achievements includes completing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh and also getting into the finals of a national school competition.

All of these demonstrated her team work, commitment, communication, adaptability as well as problem solving-ability. Over the last few years she has developed some great transferrable skills and I'm sure it won't be too long before she secures a role when she heads off to university.

Enhancing and highlighting your soft skills will certainly make you more appealing to a potential employer.  It is worthwhile spending time to think about those additional skills that you have and how and where you can add value. Including these on your CV can undoubtedly set you apart from other candidates.

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