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The importance of staying organised in your job search

by Catherine Wasilewski | 21 March 2016

Job hunting can be a confusing time – it is understandable that you want to make sure that you have covered every available opportunity, but likewise it is crucial that you remain organised and clear as to which positions are being explored on your behalf and which firms have received your details. This is particularly important when you are using a variety of application methods, for example different agencies and direct approaches. Without keeping track, your details can be sent multiple times to the same firm which can often be a deterrent to clients. You may also miss out on opportunities.

In order to keep you on top of your job search, below are my top tips for staying organised:

1. Keep a list of firms that have been sent your CV including:           

Who it was sent to.
Who it was sent by.
What position it was for (or whether it was on a speculative basis).
When it was sent.

2. Have a separate email folder for each firm where you can file all relevant correspondence for ease of reference.

3. Limit the number of agencies you use – whilst it can be tempting to spread the net wide, my advice would be to limit the number of agencies you deal with to one or two who you trust to keep you updated with relevant opportunities and who will be transparent in terms of who your CV has been sent to.

4. When applying to anonymised adverts through job boards, request that the agency call you before submitting your CV to a client. This should be standard practice in any event – certainly we will always give applicants of interest a ring before submitting to their CV.  Obviously, with such adverts, it may be that you have applied to the same role twice or numerous times and without speaking with the agency to confirm who the position is with (and whether it is in fact something suitable) there is the chance of duplicate or inappropriate submissions. 

5. Keep track of where your CV has gone on a speculative basis as well as actual jobs applied for and make sure your agency is telling you which roles are concrete opportunities and which are speculative, in order to manage your expectations. 

Job hunting can be a stressful enough time without the added worry of losing tack of which opportunities you have and haven’t explored and so employing the simple tricks above will hopefully relieve some of that pressure!

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