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So you have qualified, now what?

by Sellick Partnership | 5 April 2016

For the last three to four years you have had structure in your life with a clear end goal to become a qualified accountant. You would have made big sacrifices no doubt swapping nights out on the town for nights in with your head in revision books. You have missed out on social occasions because your next exam paper is nearing. This is fine though because the pull of becoming a Qualified Accountant and excelling both your career and earnings is worth it. 

The problem however is that you qualify and realise not a great deal changes. Sure you may receive a slight pay rise and a pat on the back, but you had much bigger plans in mind. The reality is that the real hard work is still ahead. You may recall my last blog 'What do you want?' which highlights how important it is to have goals in place and know which direction you want your career to go in. 

There are many routes to take once qualified but not all will compliment, or indeed help you, to get to your end goal. One wrong move could result in you being pigeon holed and having to take one, maybe even two steps backwards to get your career back on track. 

When you think about it, managing your career through your studies is easy, you have set modules to complete and therefore practical experience to gain in order for you to pass exams and complete your case studies/log books. The Qualified world is not as straight forward, what does it take to become and Finance Director of a FTSE listed business as oppose to the Finance Director of an entrepreneurial SME? If you tread the same path could you become a Commercial Director or Head of Shared Services? 

There is no right or wrong end goal however there are right and wrong paths to take to get there. I specialise in Qualified Finance recruitment across the North West and have over 10 years’ experience advising and guiding people on their next career moves. If you are recently qualified and looking to embark on an exciting journey then please do connect with me for free independent career advice. 

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