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The importance of self-belief

by Sellick Partnership | 18 April 2016

Self-belief is a vital attribute to have when it comes to progressing your career. It is highly likely you will encounter challenging situations that at times make you doubt your own credentials and ability.

There is a famous quote from Henry Ford that sums up the importance of self-belief: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

Many of us are creatures of habit and the thought of stepping outside our comfort zone is not only daunting but equally sets up the possibility of failure, which in turn can lead to embarrassment. 

So what makes some of us more successful than others? How has Richard Branson amassed a net worth of £5.1billion? How did Jonny Wilkinson win the Rugby World Cup for England back in 2003 and become the most famous player on the planet? How has your company's CFO reached that seniority?

Well, amongst a long list of other things including dedication, practice, sacrifice and natural talent to name a few. One common trait you can guarantee they all have is self-belief. They have the courage to push boundaries, take themselves out of comfort zones and more importantly believe they can succeed.

One of the world’s most influential people in this field is Anthony "Tony" Robbins. He is an American success coach, professional speaker, actor, and self-help author who has created a personal net worth of over $500 million dollars. How? Well by simply helping others to find self-belief, get in the right state of mind and achieve great things.

Below is a list of ten empowering beliefs Tony lists for you to try out:

  • The past does not equal the future
  • There is always a way if I’m committed.
  • There are no failures, only outcomes—as long as I learn something I’m succeeding.
  • If I can’t, I must; if I must, I can.
  • Everything happens for a reason and a purpose that serves me.
  • I find great joy in little things… a smile… a flower… a sunset.
  • I give more of myself to others than anyone expects.
  • I create my own reality and am responsible for what I create.
  • If I’m confused, I’m about to learn something.
  • Every day above ground is a great day.

So why not try out the above and work on your self-belief. The next time that promotion opportunity comes around then throw your hat in the ring and push yourself. Or better still, start working on raising your profile now and take on tasks outside of your core remit.

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