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The EU Question

by Austin Brislen | 20 June 2016

The EU referendum has certainly got everyone talking - after all it's arguably the most important vote of a generation. I think the reason it has engaged so many, is that it is not a simple question. There are so many factors which will shape people's perception of whether we are better 'In' or 'Out' of the EU; the economy, immigration, national sovereignty, trade etc.

Admittedly I've found it tough to come to a decision. I've gone from 'In' to 'Out' and back to 'In' again.

However I'm now firmly settled with an 'In' vote. I think a vote to leave will cause economic and political uncertainty, and with an already fragile economy this isn't too appealing.

Where there is uncertainty businesses tend to cut back on investment, often this can mean a lack of job creation, which isn’t particularly good for the recruitment industry. 

There are also the wider benefits to European membership which have helped sway me, from environmental regulations, the common market and investment in UK infrastructure.

I also believe that the free movement of people across the EU is of massive benefit to the UK economy. It means that companies can choose the best talent from 28 countries, rather than just one. I’ve been lucky enough in my career to work with candidates and clients from all over Europe and can say with some confidence that the principle of the free movement of people has contributed immensely to the insurance markets and wider economy.

I don’t by any means feel the EU is perfect, as it’s far from it, I think it needs to improve its own transparency and move towards a more democratic model of governance. However on balance I think we will all benefit from remaining a member and having a voice to initiate change from within.