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Keeping positive if you lose your job

by Kathryn Heeler | 19 July 2016

Losing your job, either through redundancy or an alternative reason, can be traumatic and ranks amongst one of the most stressful life experiences as well as getting married or buying a new house.

The situation can present all sorts of emotions as well as challenges.  Naturally it may take some time to adjust to what has happened and to get your head around the situation. Of course there will be moments that are very difficult however ensuring that doing your best to see things in a positive light outweighs any more difficult times.
Focus on something positive and what you do want and not what you don't want. Think about where you want to be and what steps you can take to achieve your goal.  Remember to view the situation as temporary and that it won’t last forever.  Do your best to turn the situation around and make it work for you. Control the situation and don’t let the situation control you.
Losing your job may well give you the chance to re-evaluate what you are doing and perhaps take a step into something new.  You could think about undertaking some temporary or voluntary work which can all add valuable skills and experience to your CV. 
Ensure that you read any job adverts carefully.  Re-evaluate your CV for each role you are applying for and make sure you make any necessary amendments or expand on anything that is relevant for the role you are applying for. Make sure you check grammar, spelling and layout of your applications.
Remind yourself of your strengths and achievements regularly.  Surround yourself with positive people as other people’s positive energy can be contagious. Keeping a positive mindset is definitely beneficial and you may find that keeping a positive affirmation helps also.
Use your network and reach out to people that you know and ask their support or advice in making other connections that may help you.  This could open up an avenue of opportunity. Take the time to plan your day and week effectively and create some structure to your time.
Remember to have some time out to do something you really enjoy doing such as your favourite hobby.  This will also help.
Above all if you have lost your job for whatever reason, try not to take it too personally.  I'm a great believer in things happening for a reason even though we can't always see or understand the reasoning at the time.  Fast forward to where you want to be, feel that you’re already there and you may find that your situation could really be the making of you.

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