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How do you cope with unexpected projects?

by Sellick Partnership | 30 August 2016

What do you do when you receive an unexpected deadline or a ‘project’ lands on your desk that needs urgent attention? 

Over recent months, I have to adapt to a number unexpected and additional projects that required my immediate attention. This has included assisting in Sellick Partnership’s recent reaccreditation as ISO:9001 approved as well as helping to implementing as new CRM system, reflecting our dedication to streamlining our internal processes. Whilst the additional pressure is sometimes challenging, it is important that I test myself to see how I perform. When undertaking any new project it is important to push yourself outside of your comfort zones, learn new things and develop your own skillset.

To approach a new and large project, it is crucial that you think logically, identifying where processes can be implemented and always striving to improve on existing and new procedures. So what steps can you take to ensure you are equipped to manage a large project effectively? 

  1. Prioritise your list – don’t forget you still have your day-to day-duties to complete but must adhere to the project requirements too. List them in order of importance and commit to follow this.
  2. Put a physical action plan in place for the project – detail each element you need to complete, whose responsibility it is and the deadline date to be completed
  3. If you have a ‘project team’ – set up a project team email address and diarise conference calls where required, ensuring all relevant documentation is provided beforehand.
  4. Set yourself realistic targets – you are not superhuman, make sure you delegate where necessary.
  5. Stick to the action plan and things will get done – add to this if necessary.
  6. Review your processes continually and make amends where necessary – don’t go back to the same bad/time consuming processes you were using

Overall I think the main thing is to learn from what you have done so that if a similar project appears in the future you are already well prepared to deal with it!