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Graduates entering recruitment - is this the right job for you?

by Sellick Partnership | 31 October 2016

A lot of people out there think that a graduate role in recruitment is something you just fall into if you have no other available options. If this is the case for you I imagine you didn’t have a soft landing. There is a stigma out there that recruitment is a sector that just takes any graduate no matter what degree or experience you may have. Only when you work here yourself will you realise this is really not the case at all.

Unless you can answer yes to the below I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time or damaging your ego with a graduate role in recruitment. It really isn’t easy as it seems!

Like any role in many industries, recruitment has its high and low points and it’s never going to be a smooth easy ride. However if you are motivated, resilient and are inspired by the impact you can make on the careers of your candidates and clients you have the foundations for a great career.

However, you need to be able to deal with rejection, the perfect candidate pulling out of an interview and the frustration of all your endeavours not going quite the way you planned. If you do have the patience and resilience to stick to your role, you are able to really make a difference and have the opportunity to build relationships that will last a lifetime.

So are you the right fit for the role?
Being a recruitment consultant is all about making the perfect match between your client and candidate. Your client is looking for an individual who ticks all their boxes and this can be pretty tricky, however if you like a challenge and the idea of working hard and selling doesn't turn you into a gibbering wreck, maybe it's time you released your inner recruitment consultant.

Are you a people person?

This is a people orientated business. It does not matter if you are working with clients or candidates, you are working with people. People can be demanding and everyone has their own needs and requirements and their own way of working. Within your role, you need to be able to manage people’s expectations and work with different personalities effectively.

What are recruitment employers looking for?
A career in recruitment is an increasing area of interest for graduates, as they are attracted by its image as a fast-paced environment, but what skills and qualities do they look for in you? You need to be confident and resilient with the ability to work hard and learn quickly. It is preferred that you have some prior experience within a corporate environment and you can prove your success and determination.
If you don’t have this then don’t let that put you off, just make sure you are ready and prepared for the challenge ahead. Remember don’t try to run before you can walk, there are options to work your way up to that dream role of being a recruitment consultant. Look at resourcing roles within companies which is an excellent way to build solid foundations that will help you shape your career and become successful in this very competitive market place. Believe me all this hard work is worth it!

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