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Interim Vs Permanent - Private Sector

by Sellick Partnership | 27 October 2016

I have recently been working closely with a number of senior interim professionals, an area that the private sector does not tend to encounter often. Several local companies have been looking to take on short-term senior support, something that appears to be an effect of the Brexit aftermath. Having noticed this trend, I thought it would be important to identify the differences between the interim and permanent market within the private sector and how to excel when making the move between the two.  

When speaking with candidates, many explained that the step from permanent to interim was not so much a choice – more of a reaction to the market. Senior positions can take a long time to secure, so a quick turnaround interim role seemed attractive in a time of uncertainty. Benefits of the interim market for candidates include;

  • Opportunities to acquire new skills
  • Fresh challenges
  • Increased pay
  • Broader exposure of businesses
  • Further flexibility  
  • The ability to expand your network quickly 
  • Being able to put your extensive experience to help new businesses

Although these benefits do offer a lot, the security of a permanent position is unavailable and it takes a certain type of person to excel within such a role. I took this opportunity to ask candidates what type of traits or skills are needed to really perform in this market;

  • Breaking those comfort zones - being open to new challenges and throwing yourself in to everything
  • Having an adaptable approach – being flexible enough to fit into a new business structure
  • Building relationships – putting in the effort to communicate with everyone in the team and use your networking skills
  • Being a quick learner – being able to understand the business model, KPI’s and the ‘jargon’
  • A strong understanding of the project in hand and what the business requires
  • Identify your key strengths and utilise them
  • Play on your softer skills
  • Plan, plan and plan

It certainly takes a specific type of person and skillset to excel within the interim market and it isn’t for everyone. For anyone looking to make the move or feel they may be forced to make the move, I suggest speaking to someone who has taken the move already. If you are interested in discussing making the move, or the current interim market, then feel free to get in contact - Sellick Partnership specialise in financial recruitment for both the permanent and interim market.

To discuss your next career move, call me on 01332 542580 or email jemma.bailey@sellickpartnership.co.uk. Alternatively, browse our latest roles.