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Are you social media savvy?

by Sellick Partnership | 1 December 2016

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll most likely have at least one social media account and if don’t already ‘tweet’ then you’ll most likely know someone who does. When I joined Facebook around 9 years ago, I had no idea the impact it would have, not only on people’s personal lives but also in our work lives and I think most people are fairly unaware of how interlinked the two are. One things is quite clear, social media and marketing is constantly evolving and we need to be one step ahead to ensure we use it to its full advantage. 

Social marketing via social media is a huge part of everyday life and especially so within business. Our marketing department are continually using social media to promote what we do, promote new initiatives, new websites, events etc and not only are business accounts accessed but our personal profiles also. So with all the hype about social marketing happening, it’s easy to forget about our personal profiles and how this can impact our chosen professions or ‘personal brand’. Are we keeping our accounts up to date; e.g. LinkedIn? Are our social media accounts public? Do our photos portray us as ‘professionals’? Is the content of our posts, whether public or private, suitable? Are we using LinkedIn in the right way, for business use rather than as a social forum (increasingly happening might I add!).

So, where should you start?

1. Visual content is becoming more powerful. According to sources, photographic posts are 84 percent more likely to receive a response than text or a link. Therefore, if you haven’t changed your user profile pictures for some time then it’s likely you haven’t been pushing ‘visual content’ meaning you won’t have been as visible as those who have. 

2. Ensure that the visual content you are displaying is relevant. This is especially so with LinkedIn; photos need to be up-to-date and should be professional – you need to think, would I employ someone with this photo? Companies are likely to check you out prior to interviewing you. Keep this in mind with your personal social media accounts as well. First impressions are still everything!!

3. Declutter, declutter, declutter! If you’ve moved jobs/sectors, then unfollow groups and people who are no longer relevant. This is the same with Twitter, you want the most relevant people following you so don’t use hashtags unless they’re useful and going to attract the right followers. If people add you who aren’t relevant on any site then reject them, especially so on LinkedIn, it’s not for ‘personal/social’ use so save it for Facebook.  

4. Once you’re ship shape, start using your social identity to push your social presence where you can. Add links to your email signature and business cards – stats say that sales increase 2.5 percent for every 2,000 business cards given out, so it’s worth doing. The main purpose of social marketing nowadays is to increase sales so be proud of your profiles and if you’re not, then make an effort to change them.

5. Keep it fresh! Ensure you do this on a regular basis and promote your brand by writing blogs, commenting on LinkedIn, sharing status etc – otherwise, all the hard work you’ve put in won’t be seen by anyone. 

In short, stay visible by embracing social media and social marketing and using it in the right way. It will increase the right traffic to your profile which in turn will increase traffic to your businesses profile which will hopefully make you more successful in whatever you do. 

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