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Mindfulness – staying confident and motivated in the workplace

by Sellick Partnership | 21 February 2017

Over the past few weeks I have been reading how women can keep their confidence and motivation within the workplace.  When emotions run high and pressure builds, it is important to manage yourself appropriately and ensure your mindset is in the right place. The main theme I have found whilst carrying out my research is that building confidence does not necessarily need a complete personality overhaul, so here are four easy steps to become self-assured and get you where you need to be.

1. Figure out where you want to go
When there are multiple things going on at once it is important you are able to narrow down exactly what you need to focus on. I find it helpful to write things down (things I want to change or achieve) and next to them ‘to do’ bullet points for what I need to do to achieve it. I actually find this beneficial in both my professional and personal life, making sure I am being realistic with my targets – we are not miracle workers after all! 

2. Find the right mindset
I am currently reading ‘The Mindfulness Book’ by Martyn Newman which delves into the ideas behind mindfulness and how to put it into practice. It has made me understand that confidence and being in the right frame of mind does not occur overnight and it is important not to be too hard on yourself. Focusing on the positives and spending time remembering good experiences will train your brain to recreate positive feelings. 

3. Give yourself a chance
Preparation is key – this is where my ‘list writing’ comes in handy. Your ‘to do’ section will really help prepare and point you in the right direction of success. Perhaps set some time aside to focus on your individual goals and really put the effort in to action them. Really give yourself a fighting chance to succeed and do not give up until you have tried everything. 

4. Find some positive role models
Modelling yourself on the people you admire is a great way to boost your confidence. I am very lucky that I have a manager who I really look up to who thinks and acts the same way as I do and understands my thought process. However I know not all people have managers they can relate to, therefore it is important to try and surround yourself with positive and pro-active personalities as it gives you the chance to add characteristics to your own repertoire. Other people’s mental attitudes and behaviours can really have an impact on your outlook of work and personal life, so find at least one person you can have positive conversations with on a regular basis. 

For further information about how to apply mindfulness in the workplace or your job search, please contact us on 01332 542580. Alternatively, check out our candidate resources section of our website.