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The candidate/recruiter relationship

by Rayhaneh Tehrani | 13 February 2017

Whether you are a locum or a permanent candidate, at some point in your career I imagine you will have been in touch with a recruitment consultant. ‘The age of the agency’ is one that has always played a major part in talent acquisition within a range of organisations, whether that is a public body, FTSE 100 business or an SME. 

There are many misconceptions about what a recruitment consultant does, but what many aren’t aware of is the importance of the candidate/recruiter relationship. We pride ourselves on our open and honest approach and work in genuine partnership with candidates to ensure we find the right role for you! Stating the obvious but without our candidates, we wouldn’t be able to do our job!

Here are some useful pointers for those who are new to an agency or merely want to refresh their knowledge of how to best use their time when speaking with a recruiter. 

Call us! 
If we have not updated you on a certain role or the market, feel free to call our office and update us on your circumstances. If you haven’t heard from us don’t feel scared to get in touch – it is a two way street after all! 

Give us as much information as possible
I often get asked why I am asking so many questions about an individual’s past experience or what they are looking for. If we don’t know your personal circumstances, career goals, work/life balance and your day-to-day job, how do you expect us to call you about the perfect role? Be concise, give details of your experience and let us know the exact role you are looking for. With this information we are able to consult and advise in order to find you your dream job!

Keep your expectations realistic 
Give us some time to find that perfect role for you, it may take two weeks or it may take us two months, but we need time to scout the market and ensure we are representing you to the best of our ability. If your CV needs work or you need assistance with interview preparation, we can help, but it is down to you to help us get the right information from you.

Be patient
If we haven’t got back to you it’s because we will be dealing with an urgent matter.  We always aim to get back to our candidates on the same day and don’t forget, we work up until 6pm so it’s sometimes easier to catch up last thing!

Don’t send your CV out to thousands of agencies!
We often advise it is worth speaking to two or three agencies maximum. You want to make specific choices based on your specialism and job search. You don’t want to oversaturate the market and send your CV to the same companies over and over, so it is best to have good relationships with great recruiters than mediocre relations with five to six recruiters!

Remember, we have your best interests! 
It’s a well-known fact that we don’t have the best of reputations in the market but we go above and beyond to keep our relationships professional and engaging. Speak to us how you would like to be spoken to after all we’re the ones that will be speaking about your experience and culture fit to our clients!

If you are looking to seek a new role please get in touch by calling 0161 834 1642 or email kate.wilkinson@sellickpartnership.co.uk. Alternatively, browse through our latest roles