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The Future of Work Employment and Litigation and the Gig Economy

by Chelsey Newsom | 26 October 2017

Unemployment rates in the UK are at an all-time low at 4.3 percent which is the lowest it has been in over 40 years. The employment rate in the UK has risen and stands at 75.1 percent which has seen 317,000 more people in work since this time last year.

It is estimated that five million people in the UK are employed on short-term contracts or undertaking freelance work which has impacted on the figures above. The term for such increase has resulted in what is known as a ‘gig economy’. The gig economy is effectively known as those being paid for the work they do rather than being fixed to permanent contracts. There has been scrutiny over such contracts with large organisations who employ staff under the gig economy such as UBER, Deliveroo and TaskRabbit. Whilst they appear to be offering flexibility for their employees, many argue they are low paying and lack corporate responsibility. It has also seen a connection with employment disputes and what employment rights those have working in the gig economy.

Sellick Partnership is currently hosting a CPD Event on Tuesday 7 November 2018 in conjunction with 36 Group which will explore the future of work employment and litigation and the gig economy.

The course will address the future of Employment Tribunal litigation following the abolition of fees and will discuss the recent decisions made by large organisations and how this will impact the future of work moving forward. Keynote speakers will include Richard O’Dair and Tim Welch who are specialists within the employment field. The course will run for around two hours and a networking session with those that specialise within Employment Law will be after. This is a great way to share best practices and form a discussion with peers across a range of organisations.  

We have limited spaces available so should you wish to attend this event, please contact Chelsey Newsom on 0161 834 1642 or alternatively email cpd@sellickpartnership.co.uk

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