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5 reasons why temporary work might be best for you

by Laura Smith | 5 December 2017

At Sellick Partnership, I work within the legal division and specialise in recruiting locum legal professionals to public sector organisations in Yorkshire and the North East. Throughout the seven years that I have worked within the company I have had many conversations with candidates who have been considering making the move from a permanent role into a temporary, or locum role. Given the nature of my role and the positions I recruit to, I spend a lot of time speaking with professional locums who have decided that a permanent job is not best suited to them, and there are often plenty of reasons that leads them to this decision.

Flexibility or a degree of ‘freedom’ is one of the main attractions of temporary work. Many candidates whom we speak with struggle with finding a work/life balance that they are happy with, and often move into locum work to improve upon this and many find that this is achievable. We find that with the specialist roles we do recruit to, if the best candidate for a position is only looking to work three days per week, or if they need to work hours to fit in with childcare requirements, this can often be accommodated. Certainly it would seem that if your skills base is in demand, it often puts you in a better position to negotiate working hours or a home working arrangement for example. We also find that the organisations we work with are often open to condensed hours, and thus the temporary worker can for example work full-time hours over four days, providing them with a three day weekend. 

Many candidates are motivated by short-term project work, which is another reason why many of our candidates have made the career decision to become professional locums. We are often recruiting to project-based roles, and know that these can be of particular interest to some candidates; the challenge of such an opportunity, and working to tight deadlines can be very appealing. The workload can vary from project to project, which is great to include on your CV.

Another benefit of locum work is the opportunity to learn new skills. Although we do recruit to specialist legal positions, which do require candidates to generally have previous working knowledge within an area of law, undertaking a locum role can provide the opportunity to learn how to use new IT systems or case management systems. Temporary positions also provide the opportunity to continually build on your existing skills base; organisations often work in very different ways, especially in different sectors, and this can be excellent for expanding your skills base. On occasion, we have also found that candidates have been provided with the opportunity to spend time working within other departments to further their experience.

Working on a temporary basis can be excellent for trying out different roles in new organisations and locations and although many candidates enjoy doing this on a temporary basis, it can also be an excellent way to find an organisation that you may wish to pursue a longer-term career with. 

It is also important for temporary staff to remember that they still do have employment rights; we find that many candidates registering with us are surprised that they are entitled to holiday pay, sick pay, or pension contributions. 

If you’re looking to make the move and become a locum professional, get in touch by emailing laura.smith@sellickpartnership.co.uk or call 0161 834 1642. Alternatively, browse through our latest locum roles.