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Benefits of apprenticeships

by Rayhaneh Tehrani | 27 February 2018

There are many more options available to students who come out of college and the limitations do not stop at University. Apprenticeships are becoming more and more common amongst young adults as it provides a real chance to put your skills into practice with hands-on training whilst earning a wage.

With university costs mounting to almost £10,000 per year and all the associated add on costs (e.g. food and accommodation) I can see why so many young people are now choosing to go down the apprenticeship route. In addition to the monetary benefits there are a huge number of extra benefits of doing an apprenticeship. These include:

  • You won’t come out of an apprenticeship laden with thousands of pounds of debt. The average university student now graduates with over £36,000 of debt, and there is no guarantee of a job at the end of it. With an apprenticeship, you earn whilst you study, and you have a great chance of securing a permanent position afterwards.
  • If you are undertaking an apprenticeship your employer will usually allow you some study time during the working week, which is a massive benefit as it means you will still get your weekends to yourself to do the things you like to do.
  • Whilst undertaking an apprenticeship you will be gaining real practical working experience, so you can put what you learn into practice, and your day-to-day duties can be tailored around the criteria of your current module. Your employer will be able to put a structured training programme into place which will help you achieve your educational goals, and meet their business needs
  • Apprentices are also likely to progress within the business if they do well. At Sellick Partnership we have seen a number of apprentices from across the business progress into permanent roles and have a clear career progression pathway. This route is often a quicker way of getting onto the career ladder.
  • As an apprentice, you will have a dedicated assessor who will help you out with the studies and qualifications step by step. You will have the opportunity to spend time with the assessor during the working week/month, and attend college for ad hoc sessions along with other apprentices.
  • Whilst you are working as an apprentice, you get paid holidays just like other members of staff. You certainly don’t get paid for university holidays! Apprentices are also often entitled to a free 28 day travel card, and student discounts across a variety of different retail stores and restaurants/bars! 

Whatever path you decide to go down, whether it is a university degree or an apprenticeship, we would be keen to hear from you. We have a variety of candidate resources available to review which include CV tips, interview tips and preparation and also common interview questions that you may be asked at interview stage.

If you are interested in working in a great recruitment business either in sales or business support, we have opportunities for graduate trainee consultants, as well as apprentices! Check them out on our work for us site, or contact our Internal Talent Manager Simon Briffa on simon.briffa@sellickpartnership.co.uk