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My top tips to clients in 2018

by Sellick Partnership | 21 February 2018

The current candidate led market means clients are having to fight harder for talent, with the average candidate receiving more than a handful of opportunities at once. A few years ago this was a very different story as there were too many candidates and shortlists were bursting with talent. With unemployment at its lowest since 1975 according to The Office of National Statistics, this has caused a huge stumbling block for modern day recruitment, with clients having to make quicker decisions and compete with local businesses for this scarce talent. 

This competition between businesses has really impacted the way recruiters are having to educate their clients on the ability to sell opportunities. It is natural to think that interviews are a one-way questioning process, however in modern times this process is very much a two-way selling method. I have taken this opportunity to put together 3 areas on how to make sure clients are selling their business and vacancies as best as they can to ensure candidates are bought in.

Brand reputation
In an increasingly brand conscious world, the best candidates are more likely to base a job on the company’s brand and reputation. The way that a company positions itself and manages that positioning is therefore critical to recruitment success. Graduates in particular, target strong employer brands as they believe that a company with a great reputation is more likely to provide good training and career development.

You also need to have a good picture of what your competition is offering. Without this information, it is extremely difficult to know how to position your company and its unique attributes. If your company’s brand identity falls behind the competition, you will have to be more imaginative in the way that you sell your company. So when you speak to candidates, pay more attention to the nature of the role, the culture of the team, or the career path that you can offer.

Get to know your candidates
When you are recruiting, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the needs of your candidates. Make sure that you ask candidates where else they are interviewing, what stage they are at and why they have put themselves forward for. Not only will enable you to identify any competition and understand what timescales you are working to, it will also help decide what selling points of your role could be. For example if you’re up against a blue-chip company, you may need to increase the starting salary that you are offering to compensate any study support you may not offer.

Understanding your candidate’s motives for seeking a new job is one of the most important things you can learn from the interview process. It will enable you to sell your company to them in the area’s that motivates them and will also help in determining whether or not they are right for the role and the business. Credible Recruiters will always know the candidates true motivations, so if you are struggling to establish this in an interview then best to further discuss this with the agency.

Success Stories
We strongly encourage our clients to blow their own trumpet in interviews and the best way to discretely do this is by talking about success. Whether this involves winning awards, new acquisitions, individual promotions, growth, projects or investments, it is vital that these success stories are promoted. If you are in the hiring process and you do not know these achievements then make it your responsibility to learn them and be able to communicate them internally and externally. This is vitally important when the ‘brand’ section may not be in your favour, for example if you are a small business and new to the area. 

With all of the information above, you should now be in a situation where you feel confident and comfortable selling what your organisation has to offer. If you are ever unsure, Sellick Partnership can help and guide you on the areas to focus on with individual candidates. 

For more advice on how to attract candidates, or for resources dedicated to our clients please visit our client resources page using the link below. Alternatively you can get in touch with me by emailing jemma.bailey@sellickpartnership.co.uk